The {{Infobox |Box title = Island of Darkness |Row 1 title = Prev episode |Row 1 info = The Last Voyage |Row 2 title = Next episode |Row 2 info = The Ticking Clock |Row 3 title = Air Date|Row 3 info = October 21,2012.Island of Darkness is the twenty third episode of ninjago season 2.

Story Edit

Tbe episode begins with sensei wu awakening in the broken bounty and the ninjas hiding on the island of darkness. Dr julien shows the ninja a medallion that will reveal the location of the temple of light if you match up the 3 holes. When Zane looks into the mediallon, he spots the destoyed falcon. Zane gets caught trying p save the Falcon and then Garmadon appears in the Garmatron with a giant stone warrior. Garmadon orders the stone army to capture the ninja but fail. When The ninja spot a bridge, they clubm it but then collapses and the ninjas use spinjitzu to escape. The ninja finnaly reveal the locations of the temple of light on the medillion. They use coles earth driller to escape the unbarhan MFC. Then when Kai opens the trunk, his Fire mech pops out and Kai exclaimes he loves his sis. He uses it to wack the stone armys vieacles and get to the top ot the mountain. The ninja uncover the pictures of their elemental powers and Lloyd rings the bell of peace and rings louldly sending shocks everywhere putting the ninja in their new PWR uniforms. Then the golden dragon roars and the ninja, Sensei, Misako, and Dr julien celebrate. Then, Garmadon watches his clock strikes 0 so his super weapon can be complete...

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